Extropic is a film & video production house. Founded in 2014 by Alex Watkins, we use the moving image to engage people with compelling visual stories.

Specialising in brand storytelling, we create content to enhance user experience and shareability.

We are nimble, optimistic and dedicated to delivering next generation content.

Ben Helweg, Alex Watkins & Atlas the dog.

Alex & Ben work together across the range of Extropic projects.

Alex brings ideas and direction, but also loves to get his hands dirty shooting and editing. Ben is an accomplished cinematographer and post production mastermind; he knows all the tricks.

With fourteen years combined experience creating commercial content, we're committed to staying ahead of the constantly shifting digital media landscape.

We come with a strong network of collaborators: from photographers, designers and composers to film crew and equipment of all shapes and sizes.

Atlas brings loyalty, patience and impeccable taste.

[photograph: Willem-Dirk du Toit]


Our clients have some key things in common. They understand that the public appetite for visual media is only getting stronger. They want to engage their audience with great content. They want to be proud of what they put out there.